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Las Vegas shopping deals

A shoe store at the Wynn hotel and casino. Every casino on the Las Vegas Strip has glittering designer stores, but you really need to go only to the Wynn, the Bellagio, Caesars Forum Shops and the Fashion Show Mall for the best of it. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Jim Potvin of Victoria, British Columbia, shops at Christian Dior in the Wynn hotel. Shopping in Las Vegas is great year-round, but there is a cycle to it. In mid-September and mid-March, you will find the best selection of new-season merchandise. There are sales every quarter, but twice a year — mid-July to the end of August and mid-December to the end of February — you will find the mother lode. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
Shoppers make their way through the Caesars Forum Shops. Because Las Vegas turns over 1 million new potential customers every week, the stores are incredibly well-stocked. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
The Brioni store at the Wynn hotel and casino. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
The bustling Caesars Forum Shops. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)