Cuba: Sunset in Havana
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A Traveler’s View of Cuba

Cuba: Sunset in Havana
Two years ago, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Rosemary McClure visited Cuba and wrote “Cuba, Suspended in Time.” Here are some photos from her trip as well as contemporary photos of the Caribbean nation.

The Malecón, the city’s seaside promenade, attracts some for the fishing, some for the view. (Los Angeles Times)
Pediatrician Kim Zimmerman, on a tour with Global Exchange in 2005, dances with Down syndrome children at a hospital in Cuba. A small group of doctors, nurses and social workers throughout the U.S. visited various medical facilities throughout Cuba in November of 2005. (Los Angeles Times)
Cuba: Havana buildings
Buildings in Havana’s central district show decades of neglect. The densely populated neighborhood is filled with shops, theaters, bars and cafes but devoid of green areas. Photo taken in 2005. (Los Angeles Times)
Cuba-Book Fair
Book fans in Havana browse during the 17th International Book Fair on Wednesday, one day after Cuban leader Fidel Castro resigned after 49 years in power. (European Pressphoto Agency)
Cuba-Street scene after Castro announcement
A poster of Cuban leader Fidel Castro catches the eye of a passerby in Havana the day after he announced he would not accept another term as the country’s president. (ALEJANDRO ERNESTO / European Pressphoto Agency)
Newlyweds pose for a wedding photo near a Cuban flag in Havana. (ALEJANDRO ERNESTO / European Pressphoto Agency)
Cuba: Dancers
The Tropicana, one of the greatest examples of pre-Revolutionary decadence and hailed as among the biggest nightclubs in the world, opened in 1931. About 200 dancers, wearing sequined bikinis and chandelier-like headdresses, perform to a range of Cuban popular dance music every night. (Los Angeles Times)
Cuba: landscape
Lush, tree-covered limestone hillocks dot the verdant landscape in the Valle de Viñales, in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río. Most tourists visit only Havana and beach resorts. Photo shot in 2005. (Los Angeles Times)
Cuba:turkey and banana
Along the road to Valle de Vinales, hawkers sell turkeys, bananas, cheese and chickens. Many Cubans have to bring in extra income on the black market to survive. Photo from 2005. (Los Angeles Times)
Cuba: Family in cart
A family with a horse and cart earn extra income by shuttling people along the country road in the village of Ovas to the Valle de Vinales. A large percentage of the Cuban population struggle to make a living. Photo from 2006. (Los Angeles Times)