Making clay water filters in Myanmar
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Making clay water filters in Myanmar

The Asia Transpacific Foundation project in Myanmar employs local residents to make the clay filters, which contain a special mixture of husk and clay that’s porous enough for the water to filter through. Each filter also has a bit of colloidal silver inside to kill bacteria.

These photographs, supplied by the Asia Transpacific Foundation, were taken before Tropical Cyclone Nargis. (Asia Transpacific Foundation)
The clay filter dispenses clean water, generally into a plastic bucket with a valve. The clay pot at the top is where the unpurified water is poured. (Asia Transpacific Foundation)
The plastic buckets must be purchased, but the clay filters are made by local residents with help at the facilities the foundation started and supports. (Asia Transpacific Foundation)
A working water filter at a school in Myanmar. (Asia Transpacific Foundation)