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Las Vegas Lap Dancing Lessons

A group of six burned-out girlfriends trying to reconnect with their inner hotties signed up for lap dance lessons with Fawnia Mondey’s Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas. With a little help from her friends and a lot of coaxing, the journalist in the group gives an acrobatic move called a “flip” a try. (Sonia Griffin)
For $250, a group of girlfriends got a 90-minute lesson in dance — Vegas style. (Sonia Griffin)
The personal trainer in the group perches on instructor Rebecca Rasmussen’s legs, demonstrating her abdominal control. (Sonia Griffin)
Exotic dancer Rasmussen, 34 and the mother of two, has taught for Fawnia Mondey’s Pole Fitness Studio for two years. (Robert Scott Hooper)