On bears and Yosemite camping

Regarding Yosemite and the bears [“Under the Stars or 4 Stars?,” June 24], my family camped for years in bear country. We never had a problem.

Our magic trick? Every night after everything was cleaned up, we took a can of Lysol spray and sprayed the tablecloth covering the stove, the tent at “sniff height” from the ground, and the car trunk and door handles.

The bears would come through each night and invariably rip apart a neighbor’s items, but they would just pass by our grounds. My conclusion? Always follow the laws. Put everything away in the bear lockers, including the stove and pans. But for extra insurance, spray the exterior of your tent, camper or RV with Lysol.

--Connie Sherman, Sunland, CA

I enjoyed Christopher Reynolds’ Yosemite stories. We have camped or stayed at the Lodge in Yosemite for more than 60 years and truly love the place. I have saved his excellent article and will send it to friends in the East.

--Charles Jenner,

Los Alamitos, CA