Moto Limos Club takes you there — by motorcycle

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

They aren’t yellow, and they’ve got only two wheels, but the taxis operated by a new service in Los Angeles, Moto Limos Club, will get passengers where they need to go — even between lanes of traffic. They’ll just need to gear up in a helmet and jacket and travel light.

In operation since March, the members-only Moto Limos Club charges $90 an hour for a ride on the back of a Honda Gold Wing, equipped with two saddle bags and a top case. Safety gear is provided by the company.

Four motorcycle taxis are in use, with another six planned for May. Each of the drivers, many of them retired police officers, has at least 15 years of riding experience, the company says.


Founded by a French businessman and patterned after the many motorcycle taxi services in Paris, Moto Limos Club also operates in New York. It plans to expand to San Francisco and Las Vegas this summer.

You must be a member to use the service. Members who pay the $100 annual fee for individuals, or $250 for corporations, can use the service in any of the cities where it operates.

Info: Moto Limos Club: (877) 565-6686.