Britain: New Tower of London exhibit shows off the many faces of the edifice

Special to the Times

Power House,” a new permanent exhibition, will open April 2 on the top floor of the historic White Tower inside the Tower of London.

The exhibition will showcase the many faces the tower has worn during its 900-year history: royal residence, fort, mint, prison, records office, jewel house, observatory, zoo and armory. The Tower was the site of the execution of two of Henry VIII’s queens; the coronation of the 9-days-queen, Lady Jane Grey; and the burial ground of Edward IV’s murdered sons, the little princes.

The new exhibition will feature displays that highlight the various chapters in the tower’s long life set around a showpiece, a 10-foot-tall dragon constructed of artifacts taken from each, such as imitation Jewel House diamonds and rubies for the dragon’s eyes and telescopes from the observatory for its legs.

An interactive display with objects from the Royal Armouries will be included. For information, go to the armouries website.