Your Scene: Acorn woodpecker at Madera Canyon in Arizona

Don’t get the wrong idea from this acorn woodpecker. It looks intimidating but it’s just giving birdwatchers a taste of their own medicine. Times reader “Alan66" shot this photo in Madera Canyon in southeast Arizona.

Madera Canyon has more than just woodpeckers. Migrating birds stop to rest at this world-renowned bird-watching spot. Species to look for include the elegant trogon, sulfur-bellied flycatcher, hummingbirds and wood warblers. Other wildlife include deer, rabbits, wild turkeys and bobcats.

Madera Canyon is in Coronado National Forest about 40 miles south of Tucson. If you visit to bird watch, here’s a checklist provided by the Friends of Madera Canyon, a nonprofit group that helps maintain the area.

If you’re looking to stay local, here are bird-watching destinations in Southern California.


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-- Jason La