Chef Michel Richard comes to Vegas? 24/7, baby

Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

Everything’s bigger in Las Vegas, including the new Central Michel Richard restaurant that will be whipping up lobster burgers and fried chicken 24 hours a day at Caesars Palace. The celebrity chef’s newest addition to his culinary raves Citronelle and Central in Washington, D.C., opens at noon Wednesday.

The restaurant will seat 220 inside and 155 more guests at tables outside and at the bar. It occupies the space off the hotel’s lobby that once housed the Augustus Cafe.

So what exactly is on the menu? It’s not yet available at the restaurant’s website, but snippets have been posted on Facebook about Richard’s talent for producing American fare with a French flair. Goat cheese Caesar salad, fried chicken, crab cake with leek tartare, lobster burger along with the hamburger with “tuile” (crunchy potato) and mac and cheese are some of the featured entrees.


Desserts run to lava cake a la mode, chocolate mousse and “celebration cake” (decked out with a sparkler to celebrate, well, anything). Richard also promises new desserts and dessert cocktails for the Vegas site. Prices aren’t posted yet, though you can bet it’s nowhere near the cost of D.C. dining. OpenTable shows meal prices ranging from $31 to $50, but a dessert in the wee hours shouldn’t set you back that much.

Contact: Central Michel Richard at Caesars Palace, (702) 650-5921