Gear: Crayola DigiTools kicks the familiar sticks up a notch


I can still remember the thrill of opening up my first giant 64-count Crayola crayon box. Crayola is still making those beloved crayons, but to keep up with these high-tech times, the company has partnered with Griffin Technology to create Crayola DigiTools.

A big finger-like handheld stylus interacts with iPad apps to create digital drawings in iconic Crayola colors with special effects, including 3-D and Airbrush styles. The 3-D Pack comes with 3-D glasses that work with the technology to make objects seem to pop out of the screen.

The Airbrush Pack lets the kids (or, OK, you) create spray-paint-like effects and textures. The DigiTools Deluxe Pack combines 3-D and Airbrush effects and other techniques.


And, caregivers rejoice: No crushed wax underfoot or “redecorated” walls. Griffin Crayola DigiTools 3-D Pack or Airbrush Pack costs $19.99; Deluxe Pack, $39.99.

Info: Griffin Technology, (800) 208-5996

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