Travel shows travelers how to get from here to there

This website will help you answer those age-old questions: Where do I go after I land? And more important, how much will it cost?



What it does: It’s a global trip planner that combines and displays not only flight information but also train, bus and ferry options, or a combination of all types. Hotel options are just one more click away.

Cost: Free.


What’s hot: is blazing fast. In researching a trip with friends, I could instantly get prices (and multi-modal routes) for their route from a small town in England; I could run the same test from my Southern California departure destination in a separate tab. I ran several destination options, and it was easy to calculate, on average, that Puerto Rico was going to be slightly cheaper than a trip to the Dominican Republic and a lot cheaper than a trip to Buenos Aires. I tested the website, but there is an app version as well.

What’s not: This is not a new site, but there are recent consumer-friendly improvements that now display estimated pricing for non-flight travel modes too. Click on the estimates, and the site takes you to another page where you can book directly with the provider. The process was easy, but once I added my travel dates, the prices went way up compared with the estimates. I would have liked guidance about how to get the rates it first displayed because I didn’t have time to hunt and peck.

Worth it? Absolutely. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to a region you’ve never been to, the map-based display showing how you’ll get there is incredibly helpful.

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