‘Vegas Cakes’ stars teach you how to whip up masterpieces at home


The bakery featured in the Food Network’s “Vegas Cakes” TV show offers visitors a chance to learn how to make some of its most dazzling creations. Want to make your cake look like an ice cream cone or a taco? Go to Freed’s Bakery, where you or your kid can whip up an edible masterpiece.

Freed’s, about 10 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip, bakes and frosts the cakes in advance to make it easy for amateur designers to learn and embellish.

Cake decorating classes run from 15 minutes to three hours. All are designed for newcomers to the art of turning an ordinary cake into something truly extraordinary.


The simplest and shortest class teaches children how to transform cupcakes into hamburgers, complete with real-looking layers of meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Sessions cost $18.95 per person.

“It’s something that’s super cute,” Freed’s decorator Brittnee Klinger said. “It’s super quick for us to show kids how to do it. And they’re going to have a great time doing it themselves.”

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More complex techniques are taught in classes intended for people ages 13 and older. The ice cream cone class costs $44.95 while a “Taco Night” class (yep, making that taco-looking cake) for two costs $115.


Longer classes enable beginners to learn how to decorate a two-tier cake. In custom classes, people can choose what they want to create.

Despite the homespun themes of most cakes, Freed’s will help students create something X-rated for, say, a bachelorette party.

“Everything that we teach in our classes, we keep in mind that we want you to be able to do this at home again with friends,” Klinger said.

Possibly best of all, participants get to take their tasty creations with them.

“You’re walking away with a really cool looking cake, which is a lot of fun and people are very happy about that,” Klinger said.


Klinger, one of four decorators who appear on the TV show, said fans regularly drop by the bakery during their time in Las Vegas.

“We have tons of people coming into the store from all over the country, all over Canada,” she said. “We actually give tours of the back of the bakery, so people are coming in while we’re working and they get to see our environment. We take pictures. I’ll always stop what I’m doing to say hello and take a picture with a fan.”

Klinger said there is no need to pre-schedule a free tour of the bakery. “Come on in with a smile, and we’ll gladly accommodate you,” she said.

Info: Freed’s Bakery, 9815 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas; (702) 456-7762


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