This app gets you through customs faster. Now it can help with passport renewal

If you need help renewing a passport, Mobile Passport is now offering that service.
(Benny Snyder / Associated PRess)

Quickly, now: When does your passport expire? Your kids’ passports? Maybe you don’t remember, but even if you do, who really wants to deal with the process?

Mobile Passport, which Customs and Border Protection says “does not require preapproval and is free to use,” can help.

You may know this app because it’s helping travelers get through U.S. customs more quickly. Like Global Entry, it aims to expedite re-entry to the U.S. Unlike Global Entry, which costs $100 for five years, the Mobile Passport app is free. (A premium version of the app costs $14.99 a year or $4.99 a month and gives you access to a document scanner and “encrypted storage of passport profiles,” its website says.)

Now that app has teamed up with RushMyPassport. Its helping hand is twofold: It reminds you six months before your document’s expiration date that the end is nigh, and it can help you through the application process, even if you need a passport quickly.

It can secure your document in as little as 12 days, it promises in a news release, and maybe as little as one day, which can save you time and save your skin if you have forgotten all about renewing it.


You’ll pay for the service, of course, which doesn’t include government fees or shipping. Eight- to 10-day service begins at $119; same-day processing costs $449. The order process is completed online.

And keep your eyes open for another service: obtaining visas. The company plans to introduce a visa service in 2020.