...Just a Little Nibble: ‘Fish Spas’ Are a Very Vegas Attraction

LV Guide Fall 2022
(Sue E. Sanborn)

If the idea of immersing your feet in a tank full of tiny toothless fish tickles you as much as the actual experience, Vegas is the place to take a unique plunge.

So-called “fish pedicures,” wherein small fish – typically red garra or “doctor fish,” native to the Middle East and Western Asia – nibble away dead skin, have been practiced in some regions for more than 400 years. They found renewed popularity in the 2000s in resorts in Turkey, Croatia and Japan.

While actual fish pedicures are not permitted in Nevada (or California), similar fish “spas” or “experiences,” which claim no cosmetic effects or results, have recently proliferated as novelty attractions in a city that prides itself on such outlandish opportunities. Staff at these spas assure safety for both human and animal participants as well.

We took a look at four such fun, family-friendly “fish spa” experiences in Las Vegas.

Fishy Kisses Experience at SeaQuest Las Vegas
Situated inside The Boulevard Mall, SeaQuest Las Vegas is an interactive wildlife attraction that offers experiences like snorkeling with stingrays and getting up-close with otters, an opossum, porcupines, and even a newly arrived wallaby. Its “Fishy Kisses Experience” features large, padded chairs from which participants dangle their legs (rolling up your pants will suffice) into square tanks teeming with finger-sized fish. The usual result is healthy laughter, lots of photos – and something to talk about when you get home! Reservations are required.

Dr. Fish Spa
With locations at Fashion Show Mall, Miracle Mile Shops, and Las Vegas South Premium Outlets, Dr. Fish Spa offers convenient opportunities to literally dip your toes in the (fish-filled) water. Dr. Fish offers 10-, 15-, and 30-minute fish spa experiences, any of which present perfect selfie opportunities – or let the super-welcoming staff snap you for socials. One customer compared the singular sensation to plunging their feet into a champagne bubble bath. For instant converts who can’t get enough, there’s even a monthly membership plan!

Kisses By Fishes
Located inside Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel in downtown Las Vegas and at Hawaiian Marketplace on the Strip, Kisses By Fishes is a prime spot to try a fish spa for the first time. Staff will talk you through the process prior and clean and lotion your feet afterwards. Point-of-view video of your feet in Kisses By Fishes’ blue-lit tanks makes great video sharing content, and customers report walking away with their feet feeling soft and even a little tingly.

Garra Fish Spas
Garra Fish Spas is a rapidly growing brand with locations in multiple states, including three in Las Vegas: on Las Vegas Boulevard, on Grand Central Parkway, and their latest store at Las Vegas North Outlets. The unique fish spa experience here includes an ionic cleanse which will “help the body feel relaxed and refreshed,” according to their website. Choose from 20- or 30-minute fish spa experiences, a 30-minute ionic cleanse, or an unlimited monthly membership plan.

-Paul Rogers, Vegas Guide Writer