Soothing With Souvenirs: Bring Back a Fun Piece of Vegas, Even if You’re Down a Bit

LV Guide Fall 2022

Funny thing about Sin City – sometimes Lady Luck doesn’t bow in your favor. So, while the high-end merchandise lining boutique windows in Vegas’ beautiful malls may be out of reach, you can always go grab yourself a “lucky” item to bring home, either as salve or for a boost during your next visit.

While you’ll find the Las Vegas Strip overstuffed with silly merchandise, ranging from fuzzy dice to shot glasses, bawdy tees or even an Elvis-style jumpsuit, there are a few places that really “up the ante” for the Vegas souvenir experience.

Bonanza Gift Shop
On the North Strip near the Strat and Sahara, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss Bonanza Gift Shop – billed boldly on their building’s side as the “World’s Largest Gift Shop.” And while no one has officially verified that claim, Bonanza is certainly large, featuring 40,00 square feet of Vegas-related merchandise.

In addition to the typical Vegas wares, there is an extensive collection of novelty mugs or matching flasks that read “Drunk 1” and “Drunk 2.” But the real draw is the deals – think 3 for $10 T-shirts and enough inexpensive shot glasses, dice, and snow globes to supply even the largest clan with something special.

LV Guide Fall 2022

Gamblers General Store
For almost four decades, the downtown Vegas landmark has provided high-quality gaming equipment to just about everyone, from the casinos dotting the Strip to movies and television and even to consumers. They even feature decks of cards and casino chips that have been retired by Vegas institutions, so it’s a great place to bring home a special souvenir of your favorite places to stay and play.

They also specialize in creating custom casino chips, so individuals can add some real flair to their next poker night by emblazoning their face right on the center of the action. In addition, Gamblers General Store features an extensive library of books covering every conceivable Vegas topic, from gaming strategies to casino history and even organized crime.

American Costumes of Las Vegas
For a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir, why not dress yourself up as a Vegas showgirl or the King himself, Elvis? This amazing costume store has an extensive collection of new and vintage looks, but really shines (with sequins and rhinestones) with their Vegas specialty costumes.

Located just east of the Strip, American Costumes features garb available for rental or to take home forever. The company’s incredible costumes depict Elvis in all the major stages of his career, from the audacious jumpsuits of the 1970s to his classic 1950s look. Their showgirl sets come with signature headdresses and boas with enough colorful feathers to make anyone look like the real thing. There’s no better way to bring a little bit of Vegas back home with you.

-Alan LaGuardia, Vegas Guide Writer