Trump vs. Romney: Who won more delegates through Super Tuesday?

Donald Trump has won 10 of the first 15 primary season contests, winning a projected 46% of delegates, and continues to lead in many polls. Mitt Romney had a larger share of delegates at this point in the 2012 campaign, and went on to win the Republican nomination. Here’s how the GOP delegate count after Super Tuesday looked then and now:


Romney won six states on Super Tuesday, extending his lead against challengers Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. By the time of the national convention that August, many of the delegates initially projected for other candidates eventually went to Romney.


Trump won seven states on Super Tuesday, extending his lead. Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas as well as Oklahoma and Alaska. Marco Rubio took Minnesota. This underscores the importance of winner-take-all primaries in Florida (99 delegates) and Ohio (66) on March 15.

Note: Delegate projection counts vary during an election cycle. 2012 projections from the Associated Press are for individual state primaries and caucuses at the time. Candidates who have earned delegates in 2016 but dropped out are not included.

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