From the Archives: Don Knotts tries the silver screen

March 21, 1967: Comedian Don Knotts plans to appear in several movies.
(Judd Gunderson / Los Angeles Times)

Comedian Don Knotts, best known for his character Barney Fife on the CBS series “The Andy Griffith Show,” tries to transfer success onto the silver screen with “The Reluctant Astronaut.”

“I know what I can do best, and the studios let me work on the scripts,” he told The Los Angeles Times in 1967. “I’ll spend as much as three or four months between pictures just writing. My cinema roles are strictly tailor-made.”

After appearing in several movies, in 1979 Knotts returned to television in “Three’s Company.”

Knotts died in 2006 at 81. Check out this Los Angeles Times obituary: Don Knotts, star of ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ dead at 81.