From the Archives: Lee Marvin shares an Oscar

April 19, 1966: Actor Lee Marvin, displays his Oscar at LAX. Smokey, right, goes into his cross-legged antics with the help of Ky Wilhoit at a Glendale stable.
(Bruce Cox / Los Angeles Times)

Oscar winner Lee Marvin, in cowboy boots, a bandanna and khaki pants for comfort, displays his Oscar at Los Angeles International Airport prior to his departure for London.

The night before, Marvin won the Academy Award for his lead role in “Cat Ballou.” In accepting his award, Marvin said his costar horse, Smokey, deserved half of the Oscar.

A Los Angeles Times story on April 20, 1966, reported, “In receiving the award, Marvin attributed half of the Oscar-winning horse laughs audiences gave him to the lumpy, cross-legged nag he rode — or fell off of.”


Former Los Angeles Times photographer Bruce Cox had two assignments for this Academy Award follow-up story. He photographed Marvin at LAX and Smokey in Glendale. The photos ran side by side with the April 20, 1966, story.

This post originally appeared on Oct. 11, 2010.

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