From the Archives: A recycled Christmas tree

March 26, 1973: Beach goers with discarded Christmas tree on shoreline with sailboats in backgroun
March 26, 1973: Near the surf, a discarded Christmas tree gets new life with litter as decoration in Marina del Rey.
(Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times Archive / UCLA)

The original March 26, 1973, Los Angeles Times caption reported, “Youngsters enjoy a breezy day at Marina del Rey beach and do a good turn as well. They found a discarded Christmas tree and decorated it with litter — cans, cartons and plastic.”

Staff photographer Boris Yaro says he had just received a new Nikon 300 millimeter lens and was shooting "summer-like" photos to "rub in the noses of the folks back East."

This post was originally published on Jan. 6, 2011.

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