From the Archives: Savings bonds for ‘Dennis the Menace’ star Jay North

May 4, 1972: Jay North, 20, who played Dennis the Menace on the television series, measures his stack of savings bonds.
(Steve Fontanini / Los Angeles Times Archive / UCLA)

The 1958 contract of child actor Jay North, who played the titular character in the sitcom “Dennis the Menace,” stipulated that 15% of his salary be put aside for him until adulthood. In 1972, he collected his savings bonds. A short story in the May 5, 1972, Los Angeles Times explains:

Court-ordered frugality bore fruit Friday when Jay North, who used to play Dennis the Menace on television, took control of savings bonds with face value of $77,425.

The bonds were delivered into his keeping by Ben Cheney, County Clerk’s office auditing assistant. They were accumulated under a contract North signed with Dariell Productions, Inc., in 1958.

Court approval on the contract was granted on the condition that 15% of North’s earnings go into bonds pending his maturity. He did not wait until Aug. 3, when he will be 21, because new laws providing for adulthood at 18.

About 25 years ago, Jay North left Los Angeles and relocated to Florida.

November 1962: Jay North left, still wears Dennis the Menace makeup as he helps actress Beverly Garl
November 1962: Jay North left, in his "Dennis the Menace" makeup, helps actress Beverly Garland, center, and Mrs. J. Lomax Young open the Christmas Seal booth at Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The Los Feliz Women's Club sponsored the booth. Los Angeles Times Archive / UCLA

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