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7.0 Japan earthquake kills at least 2

A forest road is in pieces after a powerful earthquake at Kurihara in northern Japan on Saturday. The magnitude 7.0 quake ripped across mountains and rice fields, killing at least two people as it sheared off hillsides, jolted buildings and shook nuclear power plants. (Kyodo News)
Rescuers search for missing people at a collapsed hot spa building at Kurihara. News reports said dozens of people were injured by the quake in Japan. (Kyodo News)
A collapsed bridge in northern Japan. The quake was centered about 280 miles north of Tokyo. (Kyodo News)
An woman is helped by a rescuer to a local school for refuge after the quake. (Kyodo News)
A woman reacts to news of a relative’s death following a landslide caused by the earthquake in Kurihara, Japan. (Associated Press)