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Election 2008: The world watches

In London, a man buys a copy of the Evening Standard newspaper from a vendor whose booth is covered with advertisements for reports on the U.S. presidential election. (Oli Scarff / Getty Images)
A man puts up a poster advertising an “Obama party” at a bar in London. (Carl de Souza AFP/Getty Images)
Joe and Julia Hayes stand in front of their pub in Moneygall, Ireland, the ancestral home of Barack Obama. Townspeople have taken a keen interest in the U.S. elections. (Peter Morrison / Associated Press)
Newspapers headlining the U.S. election are seen at a newsstand in Paris. (Jacques Brinon / Associated Press)
The inscription “Amerika waehlt” (America votes) is projected on the front of the Bertelsmann building in Berlin, the site of a U.S. election party. (Axwl Schmidt AFP/Getty Images)
A man at a newspaper stall in Baghdad reads headlines concerning the U.S. election. (Sabah Arar AFP/Getty Images)
Newspapers in Tel Aviv headline the U.S. presidential election. (David Silverman / Getty Images)
An man displays the cover of the Jerusalem Post featuring news of the U.S. presidential election. (Menahem Kahana AFP/Getty Images)
Palestinian security force members in the West Bank city of Hebron watch a TV newscast on the U.S. election. (Abed Al Hafiz Hashlamoun / EPA)
A man at a newsstand in Beirut reads a newspaper featuring pictures of U.S. presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. (Foseph Barrak AFP/Getty Images)
A magazine featuring pictures of U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain is displayed at a roadside newspaper stall in Hyderabad, Pakistan. (Nadeem Khawer / EPA)
Sarah Hussein Obama, center, the grandmother of Barack Obama, attends a prayer meeting for the Democratic presidential candidate in Kogelo, Kenya. (European Pressphoto Agency)
People in Kogelo, Kenya, sit near a painting featuring Barack Obama during a gathering in honor of the U.S. presidential candidate. The village is where Obama’s grandmother lives. (Matt Dunham / Associated Press)
Boys look at a painting featuring Barack Obama among other world leaders during a gathering in honor of the U.S. presidential candidate in Kogelo, Kenya, the home of Obama’s grandmother. Africans organized all-night parties to watch the U.S. election results. (Matt Dunham / Associated Press)