International Women’s Day | Images from around the world

A woman waves a feminist flag as student protesters shout slogans during a demonstration marking International Women's Day in Barcelona, Spain.
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Women around the world expressed their demands for equality, respect and empowerment Friday to mark International Women's Day. Here’s a look at events from around the globe.


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Women from the feminist movement “Not One Less” dressed as characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” left, during a gathering in front of the Labor Ministry in Rome, as female soldiers of the German armed forces distribute flowers to women near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Russian Defense Ministry Press Service released this image of soldiers and ballerinas during a photo shoot in Yekaterinburg, Russia, to mark International Women's Day. When a Russian army recruitment office ordered a photo shoot to celebrate International Women's Day, it didn't feature any of the 45,000 women serving in the country's armed forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated International Women's Day with an over-the-top address in which he applauded Russian women as "beautiful, bright and charming."

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Clockwise from top left; women chant slogans during a protest rally marking International Women's Day in Ankara, Turkey; participants of a “beauty run” take pictures in Minsk, Belarus; women shout slogans during a rally for gender equality and against violence in Pristina, Kosovo.


An Indonesian laborer, above, carries goods and gets paid $3.50 a day at a market in Surabaya as the country marks International Women's Day. Hundreds of activists marched to the presidential palace in Jakarta with banners and placards calling for more equality for Indonesian women.

(Munir Uz Zaman, Arun Sankar / AFP/Getty Images)

Women, left, attend a candlelight vigil to mark International Women's Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At right, students paint their faces during an International Women's Day celebration at a college in Chennai, India.

Africa and Middle East

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Clockwise from top left; a woman washes clothes in a street on International Women's Day in Guinea-Bissau; a protest against femicide in Nairobi, Kenya; artists work on a mural on a barrier wall of the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Kabul, Afghanistan; and members of the “Women of the Wall” feminist organization react after facing ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting against them during prayers inside the women's section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City.


Thousands march to mark International Women's Day in Melbourne.