U.N. human rights chief: Trump would be ‘dangerous’ if elected


The chief of human rights for the United Nations said Wednesday that Donald Trump would be “dangerous” for the world if elected president.

“If Donald Trump is elected, on the basis of what he has said already and unless that changes, I think it’s without any doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view,” Zeid Raad Hussein said at a news conference, according to a report by the Associated Press.

He said some of Trump’s remarks, particularly regarding the nominee’s support of the use of torture, have been “deeply unsettling and disturbing.”


Hussein, a Jordanian prince, is high commissioner for human rights at the U.N., and he lately has tangled with diplomats over the rise of nationalism in Europe, which he warns is also dangerous.

Earlier this week, the Russian ambassador to the U.N. admonished Hussein for such comments. “This is not his business,” said Vitaly Churkin. “He should be more focused on his specific responsibilities.”

In the case of Trump, Hussein said it was his responsibility to speak up because the Republican nominee has endorsed increased use of torture.

The remarks, though, are unlikely to have an impact on Trump’s support. His base is already deeply skeptical of the United Nations. Such criticism from the international body is expected, and may just strengthen the convictions of pro-Trump voters.


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