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Apple now selling unlocked iPhone 5

Apple now selling unlocked iPhone 5
Apple began selling unlocked and contract-free versions of the iPhone 5 this week.
(Eric Risberg/Associated Press)

Apple has begun selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 online, with the base model starting at $649.

The contract-free version of the flagship Apple smartphone was made available this week, more than two months after the iPhone 5 began selling in the U.S.


The unlocked versions of the phone that Apple is selling will work only with GSM networks, which include AT&T; and T-Mobile -- the last major U.S. network not to offer the phone.

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To get an unlocked iPhone 5, you can head here. Select the color you want, and then scroll down and click the link that says “Or get iPhone unlocked and contract-free.” That will pull up the unlocked iPhone 5 and its various pricings.

The device is selling for $649 for a 16-GB model, $749 for a 32-GB model and $849 for a 64-GB version.

Apple has told The Times that physical Apple Stores have also begun to sell the unlocked versions of the iPhone 5.



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