Palestinian stabbing attacks on Israelis continue; 4 assailants shot dead, authorities say

A Palestinian is pushed by an Israeli policemen amid clashes in Hebron, West Bank, on Saturday.

A Palestinian is pushed by an Israeli policemen amid clashes in Hebron, West Bank, on Saturday.

(Nasser Shiyoukhi / Associated Press)

Palestinian stabbing attacks on Israelis continued Saturday, with at least four assailants shot dead during five separate incidents, according to Israeli military and police officials.

In one case, an Israeli border policewoman was slightly injured when a Palestinian woman stabbed her at the entrance to a post by the settlement of Kiryat Arba. The attacker was fatally shot, police said.

Palestinian media identified the woman as 17-year-old Bayan Ayman Abd al-Hadi al-Esseili.

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Two similar incidents were reported in Hebron, with an Israeli soldier slightly wounded, and one Palestinian dead and another seriously injured.

In another case at the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem, a man was shot and injured when he tried to stab a police officer Saturday night, authorities said. They said that he then tried to stab another security officer who approached to examine him and was fatally shot. He was identified as a West Bank resident in his 20s.

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead earlier in the day in Jerusalem in the Jewish neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv, where two Israelis were killed last week in an attack on a passenger bus.

According to Israeli police, the incident Saturday occurred when officers asked to see the youth’s ID after a citizen reported what he thought was suspicious behavior. The teen, identified by police as a 16-year-old from the adjacent village of Jabel Mukabar, reportedly tried to stab the troops.

The ongoing violence has left seven Israelis and more than 30 Palestinians dead in the past month, as diplomatic efforts proceed in an effort to quell the violence.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry has spoken with Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders in recent days amid reported attempts to convene a summit to defuse tensions. An outbreak of violence last year eventually subsided after similar talks were held among American, Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli officials under the auspices of Jordan.

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