Pentagon unveils name for ISIS battle: Operation Inherent Resolve

A file photo shows an F/A-18E Super Hornet landing on the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush after conducting strike missions Sept. 23.
(Brian Stephens / U.S. Navy)

The Pentagon has finally given a name to the international military effort against Islamic State militants: “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

The name was revealed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff office Wednesday, more than two months after the U.S. began airstrikes against the Sunni extremists in Iraq and later in Syria.

It’s not clear why the Pentagon delayed naming a military campaign that now involves more than 20 countries, more than 300 airstrikes and more than 1,400 U.S. military personnel in Iraq.

An operation name is used for numerous purposes, including funding requests and military medals. For instance, the Pentagon referred to the war in Iraq as Operation Iraqi Freedom until 2010, and still calls its Afghanistan campaign Operation Enduring Freedom.


If “Operation Inherent Resolve” is somewhat less ambitious, the unveiling comes a day after military leaders from 22 nations met with top U.S. military brass outside Washington in an effort to coordinate strategy and define missions for the partner nations.

The meeting was held amid concerns that hundreds of U.S. and allied airstrikes have yet to turn the tide. Fighting units from the Islamic State have still advanced on towns, particularly in parts of Iraq’s Anbar province and on the Syrian border town of Kobani.

U.S. Central Command announced 18 more airstrikes near Kobani on Wednesday. It said the bombings destroyed militant fighting positions and struck 16 occupied buildings.

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