Full coverage: The debate over military strikes in Syria

Images from a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria horrified the world in August. President Obama threatened punitive airstrikes against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but struggled to persuade a war-weary public to back him. In a bid to avoid military intervention, Assad has endorsed a Russian proposal to give up his chemical weapons arsenal.

Inspectors in Syria may need cease-fires to reach chemical weapons

Kerry offers rare, qualified praise of Syria's Assad

Secretary of State John Kerry offered qualified praise for Syrian President Bashar Assad's efforts in destroying chemical weapons.

Under U.N. eye, destruction of Syrian chemical weapons begins

Syrian rebel groups form Islamic alliance

Nearly a dozen of the largest Syrian rebel groups decry the U.S.-backed Syrian National Coalition, which they say is out of touch

Syrian leader discloses locations of dozens of chemical weapons sites

Syrian President Bashar Assad's document is surprisingly thorough, say officials familiar with the closely guarded information.

Syria submits 'initial disclosure' of chemical weapons

OPCW officials expect more documents detailing the chemical stockpile, which Syria agreed to hand over under a U.S.-Russia deal.

Syria may miss first deadline in U.S.-Russia chemical arms deal

The ambitious agreement is challenged as indications arise that the Syrian government will not submit a toxic-stockpile inventory this weekend.

U.N. probe confirms Syrian chemical weapons use: Now the hard part

Next steps in ridding Syria of chemical weapons likely to rekindle East-West divide over threats to use force

Kerry arrives in Geneva for talks with Russia on Syria

Putin appeals directly to U.S. public with stinging op-ed on Syria

Russian move to avert airstrikes on Syria benefits Obama and Putin

Russian proposal to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control benefits both Obama and Putin

France to introduce U.N. resolution on Syria chemical weapons

France said it will initiate a U.N. resolution demanding Syria turn its chemical weapons over to international inspectors.

Syria backs Russian proposal for regime to hand over chemical weapons

Congress and the power to declare war

For Obama, a lot is riding on Congress' decision on Syria

President Obama risks a defeat over Syria that could harm not only his foreign affairs agenda, but also his domestic policy goals.

Damascus residents fear a U.S. strike will bring rebel onslaught

Many in Syria's capital fear violence against minorities, perceived government collaborators and those who simply didn't rebel.

U.S. saw yearlong rise in chemical weapons use by Syria

U.S. officials cite a bigger stream of intelligence on Syria chemical attacks than was reported. Some question delayed response.

Russia bolsters naval presence near Syria, will continue to aid Assad

Russia will continue to supply weapons to Syria in the event of a U.S. military strike, President Vladimir Putin said.

Senate panel backs U.S. strike on Syria

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 10 to 7 to authorize a missile attack on Syria. The House appears far more reluctant.

Obama has no easy option in responding to Syrian gas attack

Russian foreign minister accuses U.S. of double standard on Syria

The Syria vote's political stakes

Finally, on Syria, we've rediscovered the Constitution

France, ironically, stands as strongest U.S. ally in sanctioning Syria

France emerges as strongest supporter of US-led air strikes to punish Syria for chemical weapons use

Phony intel on Iraq WMD haunting U.S. claims of Syria threat

Wrong intel leading to 2003 Iraq invasion making skeptics of Americans and allies in move to punish Syria for chemical weapons attacks

Syria resolution dies at U.N., and British lawmakers balk

The moves are a setback for the U.S. bid to strike Syria militarily for its alleged chemical weapons use.

Enforcing a 'red line' in Syria

Obama must make good on his warning to Assad if new reports that Syria's government carried out a chemical attack are confirmed.