Critics are wrong about Apple introducing racist emojis

Homer Simpson could tell you if Apple's new emojis are racist

Here's what went down on Tuesday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Racist emojis? Apple has introduced some diversity to its emojis, those little images meant to convey sentiment in emails and messages. Now you can use various skin tones. But is the yellow skin tone meant to depict Asians? That's what some critics say. They're wrong. This is a race-neutral way of expressing yourself. Just ask Homer Simpson.

Car brands. Consumer Reports has ranked car brands in terms of both reliability and how fun the vehicles are to drive. Top of the list: Lexus, followed by Mazda, Toyota, Audi and Subaru. The only American car brand in the top 10 is Buick. At the bottom of the list: Fiat.

Tax audits. Thinking about cheating on your taxes? You're in luck. The Internal Revenue Service says your chances of being audited this year are at their lowest level in a decade. There's now a less than 1% chance of being audited. The reason: Congress whacking more than a billion dollars from the tax agency's budget over the last few years.

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