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Here's why Reddit users have shut down sections of the popular site

Some of San Francisco-based Reddit's most popular content remained hidden from its users on Friday as the heavily trafficked forum site's moderators staged a massive protest after the firing of an apparently beloved employee.

The revolt (dubbed #TheDarkening on some social media sites) led volunteer moderators to block most users from accessing a significant number of the site's most popular subreddits,...

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McKinney, Texas, says $79,000 charge for email search was a mistake

That $79,229.09 price tag for a public records email search in McKinney, Texas? The city says it made a mistake.

Gawker Media writer Andy Cush, citing the Texas Public Information Act, had requested city emails pertaining to the July 5 incident in which a white McKinney police officer pointed his gun at black youths and pinned a teenage girl in a bathing suit to the ground outside a pool party, creating...

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Ex-DEA agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins during Silk Road investigation

A former federal agent has pleaded guilty to charges that he stole more than $200,000 worth of digital currency and tried to sell law enforcement secrets to the mastermind behind the online drug market Silk Road, prosecutors announced Wednesday. 

Carl M. Force, 46, of Baltimore pleaded guilty to extortion, money laundering and obstruction of justice in federal court in San Francisco.

“While investigating...

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Phoning home? Ily reimagines the landline as smarter and easier to use

Ilan Abehassera had a communication problem. As a father of three young children who traveled a lot, it was hard for him to stay in touch with his family.

He could call the home telephone, but then he could speak to only one family member at a time. He could FaceTime with his wife, but again, it was hard to speak to multiple people at once. He could even use a service like Skype or Google Hangouts,...

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Shyp to reclassify its couriers as employees

On-demand postal service Shyp announced Wednesday it will reclassify its couriers – all of whom are independent contractors – as employees, pulling itself out of the worker classification gray area in which companies like Uber and Lyft find themselves.

The San Francisco company’s chief executive Kevin Gibbon said in a blog post that the decision to reclassify its workers has nothing to do with the...

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Snapchat deletes a distinctive feature and makes it easier to add friends

Snapchat is removing a cumbersome feature and making it easier to add friends on its app.

The Venice start-up announced Wednesday that users will no longer have to continuously hold a finger on the screen to watch videos that friends have posted on the popular chat and entertainment app. Now, they can tap once to watch a video and let their finger rest -- as is typical on most other apps.

The “hold-to-view”...

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