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Shyp to reclassify its couriers as employees

On-demand postal service Shyp announced Wednesday it will reclassify its couriers – all of whom are independent contractors – as employees, pulling itself out of the worker classification gray area in which companies like Uber and Lyft find themselves.

The San Francisco company’s chief executive Kevin Gibbon said in a blog post that the decision to reclassify its workers has nothing to do with the...

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Snapchat deletes a distinctive feature and makes it easier to add friends

Snapchat is removing a cumbersome feature and making it easier to add friends on its app.

The Venice start-up announced Wednesday that users will no longer have to continuously hold a finger on the screen to watch videos that friends have posted on the popular chat and entertainment app. Now, they can tap once to watch a video and let their finger rest -- as is typical on most other apps.

The “hold-to-view”...

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Google releases Street Views of more than 200 California destinations

Google continues to expand Street View, releasing virtual tours of more than 200 new locations in California.

The company announced that users can explore wineries, beaches and redwood forests with Street View, including Quintessa Winery, Silver Strand State Beach and Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

"What better place to venture this summer than sunny California?" Street View program manager Deanna...

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Apple loses appeal on e-book antitrust suit

A federal appeals court Tuesday let stand a 2013 lower court ruling that concluded Apple conspired with several top book publishers to raise e-book prices. The Justice Department had accused Apple of unfairly taking control of a nascent market that had been dominated by

Judges from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York split on the decision 2-1.

In a 117-page decision, Judge Debra...

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Requesting emails from McKinney, Texas, police? That'll be $79,000, please

Public information document requests often cost money: $10 here for some photocopied documents, $50 there for an additional few hundred pages. But it came as a shock to Gawker Media writer Andy Cush when the Texas city of McKinney -- where that white cop waved his gun at unarmed black teenagers in swimsuits -- demanded payment before providing the police department emails Cush requested.

The price?...

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Jaunt's latest virtual reality camera says goodbye to GoPros

For years, Jaunt has been experimenting with ways to record video for virtual reality. It’s tried spherical cameras built with dozens of off-the-shelf lenses. It’s tried using multiple GoPro cameras pointed in different directions to capture a 360-degree field of view. In its latest attempt, it’s building its own camera from the ground up.

Named the Neo, the camera is the Palo Alto, Calif., company’s...

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