BlackBerry suit claims Ryan Seacrest-backed company copied its keyboard

BlackBerry is suing Ryan Seacrest's keyboard company again

Last year, smartphone maker BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against a Ryan Seacrest-backed start-up that was selling the Typo 1, a BlackBerry-like physical keyboard that can be clipped to an iPhone.

On Monday, BlackBerry filed another suit against the Los Angeles company, Typo Products, this one to stop sales of a follow-up product, the Typo 2.

In the latest suit, BlackBerry says Typo Products “blatantly copies BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard trade dress designs."

Typo Products released the Typo 2 last September, enlarging some keys and altering some of the key placement.

The Typo 1 suit is ongoing. In February, Typo Products was fined $800,000 for violating a court injunction to stop selling the accessory.

Now BlackBerry is asking the courts to halt sale of the Typo 2 while it seeks damages.

Typo Products did not respond to a request for comment.

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