Snapchat apologizes for spam, says it's unrelated to data compromise

Snapchat has apologized for an excessive amount of spam that some users have been receiving lately.

The Los Angeles start-up, which lets users send each other picture and video messages that vanish seconds after users open them, said its team is working to reduce the spam.

"While we expect to minimize spam, it is the consequence of a quickly growing service," Snapchat said in a blog

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Snapchat said it does not believe the increased spam is a result of a recent data compromise, which exposed the usernames and phone numbers of millions of users.

The company said users can reduce the amount of spam they receive by adjusting their settings so that they can receive messages only from their friends.

To do this, users must go into the smartphone app's settings and find the "Who Can..." section. There, users tap on "Send Me Snaps" and on the next page they select "My Friends."


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