Struggle no more: Next-generation USB to be reversible

Work has begun on the next generation of USB connectors, and the good news is that users will no longer have to worry about whether they're plugging in their connectors upside down.

Current USB connectors look quite similar on both sides, but the connectors won't plug in unless users have them facing the correct way -- and even then, there are times when the connector simply won't slide in. As anyone who has ever used a USB connector can attest, it can often take several tries to plug in correctly (this diagram depicts the situation that often occurs with current USB connectors).

But with the upcoming USB Type-C connector, that struggle will soon be a thing of the past.

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The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which is in charge of USB development, said plug orientation won't be an issue with the next generation of USB.

The new connector will also be smaller, about the size of micro USB and Apple Lightning connectors.

But consumers will have to wait at least a few months for the new connector. Final specifications of the connector won't be ready until at least mid-2014, and even then, it could take a few more months before the technology starts being integrated into new devices. Users will also need adapters to use the Type-C with their current USB connectors.


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