Verizon makes uploading as fast as downloading

Verizon FiOS customers could see less painful uploading wait times in the coming months

Verizon plans to boost the Internet upload speed for nearly all of its FiOS service subscribers, meaning that they’ll be able to upload videos to YouTube nearly as quickly as they can load  clips they want to watch.

In a news release Monday, Verizon said it was making the move in part because it’s expecting upload activity to double by the end of 2016.

Matching upload and download speeds is unheard of for most Internet users, who rely on their cable companies to get online. To deliver Internet service into homes and small businesses, cable providers typically use coaxial cables, which were designed with downstream signals in mind.

Verizon, which has about 6 million subscribers, relies on fiberoptic cables throughout its network – technology that allows for faster speeds in both directions. Putting fiberoptic cables in the ground isn’t cheap though, and FiOS remains available in just 20 markets, including about 1.4 million households in Los Angeles. The county has about 3.2 million households, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Verizon's lowest plan, 15 megabytes per second download and 5 megabytes per second upload will rise to 15-15. The highest tier, 500/100 will switch to 500/500 in the coming months.

The improvement will be available to about 95% of subscribers. To get early access, customers can sign up for Verizon’s rewards program.

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