Keith Olbermann returning to ESPN for nightly show

Keith Olbermann returning to ESPN for nightly show
Keith Olbermann proves you can go home again. Photo from 1996. (Rick LaBranche / Associated Press)

Ever-combative TV host Keith Olbermann has a new show. Again.

The politically opinionated, mercurial broadcaster, notorious for fighting with bosses, is returning to his sports roots with a nightly talk show on ESPN2.

The show, dubbed "Olbermann," will air at 11 p.m. ET starting Aug. 26 and will focus on the day's sports topics, ESPN said.

"Keith is a one-of-a-kind personality and these shows will be appointment viewing for that very reason," said ESPN President John Skipper.

While there is no official ban on Olbermann talking politics, he is expected to steer clear unless it intersects with sports.

Olbermann came to fame as a sports anchor at ESPN from 1992 to 1997. While popular with fans, he also was notorious for his clashes with management.

After leaving ESPN, Olbermann shifted gears and focused his analysis on a different playing field -- politics.

However, old habits were hard to break. At MSNBC, he was suspended and later left after a dust-up with his bosses. He then joined Al Gore's Current TV, a stint that also ended with spats with management.

The hire by ESPN may be motivated by the fact that Fox is preparing to launch two cable sports networks next month.

"You bring Keith back you gotta be real nervous about competition," said sports radio host Dan Patrick, who used to be Olbermann's on-air partner at ESPN.


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