Emmy Contenders: Constance Wu talks 'Fresh Off the Boat'

Emmy Contenders: Constance Wu talks 'Fresh Off the Boat'
Watch Constance Wu of ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat" chat with L.A. Times reporter Glenn Whipp.

The art of comic timing? Constance Wu can deliver a master class. Thoughts on how to best serve the Asian American community? She's got you. The proper care and feeding of bunny rabbits? Wu could (and should) write a book.

The 33-year-old actress, who plays the zealous mom in the ABC comedy "Fresh Off the Boat," stopped by The Times recently to talk about all of the above and, of course, her work on the first-year show.

"She wants to fit in, but in her own way, just like her son wants to fit in," Wu says of her character. "And that's what I think is cool. It explores the different ways we all sort of are trying to find our tribe. That's a very specifically Asian American thing, but it's also a very human thing."

Wu offered thoughts about the scrutiny "Fresh Off the Boat" has received, as well as what she learned from spending time with the real-life woman on whom her character is based. And, yes, we learned a lot about rabbits.

"Some people have asked me if you weren't an actor, what would you be and I'm like, 'Obviously I would open up a rabbit sanctuary on a ranch in Colorado,'" Wu says. "Obviously!"

For those who doubt her, may we offer this and this and (somebody stop us) this. Woo is welcome back any time. But we would request she bring Lida Rose with her. We'll supply the hay.

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