Tony Awards 2014: Winners celebrate with fast food, increased hype

Tony Awards 2014: Winners celebrate with fast food, increased hype
James Monroe Iglehart, who played the genie in the Broadway version of Disney's "Aladdin," holds his Tony Award for actor in a featured role in a musical. (Jason Szenes / EPA)

What does a Tony mean for some of the winners from Sunday night?

For James Monroe Iglehart, who won a Tony for his portrayal of the genie in Disney's "Aladdin," it means a Big Mac and fries. For life's biggest celebrations, he and his wife go to McDonald's in their fancy clothes, and get takeout, he said.
"We do it after very important occasions," Igleheart told reporters backstage after winning the award. "It keeps us humble. It keeps us grounded. We get a Big Mac and fries and we go back to the house and we kick it with our cats."

Lena Hall, who won for her portrayal of Yitzhak in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," said that since Hedwig netted the award for revival of a musical, and that since both she and Neil Patrick Harris won awards for the show, a Tony means people will now be coming to the show to see if they live up to the hype.

"When we go out onstage, its going to be like, alright, they won Tony awards lets see what they've got," she said.

But the show might not be able to handle much more excitement, she joked. Audiences are already going crazy every night during the show.

"Every single night during the curtain call, it feels like the Belasco is going to crumble. I never experienced that in a Broadway show ever," she said backstage, after watching the producers of "Hedwig" accept the award for best revival.

"I have a feeling that Wednesday, it's going to be through the roof."