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Why Sarah Jessica Parker gave Tom Hanks that epic disgruntled look

Sarah Jessica Parker is not amused by Tom Hanks' choice in hockey teams. The evidence? This telecast clip, which was conveniently turned into a Vine.

The "Sex and the City" queen, who turned 50 on Wednesday, had a family outing Tuesday to the L.A. Kings-New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, where they sat behind the Oscar-winning actor and his son Chet.

The Hollywood heavyweights were photographed seemingly hitting it off. That is, until Hanks — perennial nice guy and Kings fan — said something that prompted SJP to make the best face we've seen since Chrissy Teigen's cry face.

Her expressive reaction, which made its way into the broadcast, was further punctuated by staccato, nuh-uh gum-chewing.

VIDEO: Watch Tom Hanks speed-act his filmography

Turns out that the "something" involved "pretend fighting about them being Kings fans and us being Rangers fans," Parker said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times, adding, "I adore Tom and Rita [Wilson, his wife]."

Now, if that reason isn't good enough for you, tell us in comments what you wish she was thinking. Just remember to keep it clean.

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