'Batgirl' team reunites for new motorcycle wars comic 'Motor Crush'

Fan-favorite “Batgirl” team Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr have reunited for a brand-new, creator-owned series, “Motor Crush.” And their new world of motorcycle warriors sounds pretty intense in the best way possible. 

“Motor Crush” is centered around character Domino Swift, a motorcycle rider who competes in a worldwide racing league by day and as a bike wars warrior taking on rival gangs by night.

The motorcycle gangs are battling it out for the rare and valuable “machine narcotic” known as Crush. Crush! Amazing, all great motorcycle gangs need their own street slang, plus isn’t it great that in this world bikes take drugs instead of people.

"Something magic happens when Cameron, Babs and I make comics together,” said Fletcher in the announcement from Image Comics. “We felt it when working on ‘Batgirl’ and it's there on every neon-soaked page of ‘Motor Crush.’ We're so fortunate to be able to continue this journey together as colleagues and friends. ‘Motor Crush’ is the culmination of everything we've been working toward."

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This magic was palpable in “Batgirl of Burnside,” which brought new life to Barbara Gordon as she tried to adjust to a new life as a PhD student. The popular series was praised not only for Batgirl’s redesigned costume but it’s fun, brighter energy, as well as Tarr’s art. 

“Motor Crush” No. 1 will hit stores on Dec. 7 with covers by Tarr and Stewart. Check out the two covers below. 

"Motor Crush" No. 1 cover by Babs Tarr.
"Motor Crush" No. 1 cover by Babs Tarr. (Image Comics)
"Motor Crush" No. 1 cover by Cameron Stewart.
"Motor Crush" No. 1 cover by Cameron Stewart. (Image Comics)


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