MTV Movie Awards' Amy Schumer: No jokes about 'people changing their gender'

MTV Movie Awards' Amy Schumer: No jokes about 'people changing their gender'
Amy Schumer performs during Comedy Central's "Night Of Too Many Stars" in New York on Feb. 28. (Mike Coppola / Getty Images)

Amy Schumer knows you'll probably say mean things about her on Sunday. That's just what happens to people who host award shows these days.

“I’m just, like, 100 percent expecting it and I truly do not care,” said the comedian, who will take the stage as host of the MTV Movie Awards. “I always think hosts do a good job and then I’ll hear people are pissed, and I’m like, what? I thought Ricky Gervais was super funny. And Seth MacFarlane! I know people are gonna be mad. And that’s fine.”

Schumer, 33, was holed up in a Hollywood villa on Tuesday doing interviews to promote her MTV gig. So many journalists were interested in speaking to her that many waited for hours outside,  their camera crews idling in the sun.

Indeed, Schumer has been in high demand lately. She's been touring the country on her latest stand-up tour. The third season of her Comedy Central show, "Inside Amy Schumer," premieres April 21 -- the same week she's being honored as breakthrough performer of the year at Las Vegas' CinemaCon. And in July, "Trainwreck" -- her first movie, which she both wrote and stars in -- hits theaters.


She says she's not feeling overwhelmed -- not yet, anyway.

"I think that's probably pretty naive, but I feel fine," she said. "Things are getting a little weirder. I was at this day bar this weekend in Santa Barbara and people wanted pictures. ... It's sweet."

In her act, Schumer is her own worst enemy. She jokes about sleeping with tons of dudes and says she’s too fat for Hollywood. So who does she plan to go after at the MTV Movie Awards? Kevin Hart? Vin Diesel? The cast of “The Avengers”? Here’s some dish about her hosting plan.

How did you find out you got the job?

I didn't get asked -- I was told. It was really funny. I got to perform at Carnegie Hall, which was one of the best nights of my life. Everybody I cared about was there. And then we went to this little after thing with my high school friends and some comics, and my publicist was like, 'You got the MTV Movie Awards.' And I was like, 'I didn't know I was up for it!' All my high school friends, who are these loud Long Island girls, thought it was the biggest deal in the whole world.

OK, so which celebrities are you planning to take aim at?

I just like looking at celebrities. I don't like interacting with them because I want them to like me so much that it's not fun.

There's gotta be someone.

Kevin Hart. He can totally take it. He's such a good sport. I'm probably gonna go after him pretty hard.

He's been on the Movie Awards before. Did he give you any advice?

He said the energy is amazing. ... [And] I called Aziz. Ansari! He can just be one name, right? He's like Oprah. And a lot of people said it's like a very yell-y room because they're so excited. I'm definitely not used to that at my show.

So you're not sharpening your knives?

I'm not treating it like a roast at all. The meanest stuff is about myself. ... I want everybody to rest assured that there won't be any jokes about recent deaths or people changing their gender. I'm not interested in doing that.

You've always billed yourself as a Hollywood outsider, but now you're going to be rubbing elbows with some of the industry elite.

I'll be in the same room as them, but you'll never see me and J-Law at a Pinkberry. I love her, and I think she's super cool. But again, it's like, 'You're so famous!' It's just so hard to overcome. I can be friends with really famous comedians. And other than that, I just feel very uncomfortable around people that famous. I feel like [with] comics, I'm like, 'I know you guys are garbage just like me.'

You poke fun at yourself a lot, but many young women do actually look up to you.

I feel like a role model. You really are made to feel like if you want to work, you've got to be hungry all the time. And I don't want it that bad. I'm not gonna do that. Anything that comes up -- I eat healthy and I work out. To be on a movie screen in 'Trainwreck,' they were like, it's really big. And I had a lot of sex scenes, so I really tried to eat really well. I ate healthy, but I wasn't starving. Hopefully I'll do another movie soon, and I'll never be any thinner than this.

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