Coachella missed connections: Tales of lost love in the desert

Coachella missed connections: Tales of lost love in the desert
Drake fans recover from the abrupt ending to Drake's set during the second weekend of Coachella. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)

Fleeting love, split-second crushes, intervening fates – so much passion generated during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival was never explored over the last two weekends. As thousands of desirous souls raced from stage to stage, missed connections were rampant, some of them tragic.

For example, there's this from the Gobi Tent, Weekend One, courtesy of the website Coachella Missed Connections, which is dedicated to fate intervention: "We were dancing next to each other at Todd Terje. I was too high to talk so I handed you my favorite marble. I'm gonna need that marble back."


Or this:

"You wore Mickey Mouse ears and licked my face as you walked thru the crowd during Dillon Francis. WHO R U?!"

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The site seems to have supplanted the original second-chance hook-up hub, Craigslist, which offers a mere fraction of Coachella-related searchers. None are as romantic.

Two ravers, for example, who exited the festival and started talking Peace, Unity, Love, Respect should get married: "we were walking out of Coachella together on Sunday when we started talking about your kandi, PLUR and underground raves! You even kissed me and made out with me a bit as we said goodbye to show how awesome PLUR is! I wish I would have asked for your number so you can show me the underground raving scene."

Two rockers had a brief interlude and conversation while smoking weed: "Friday after ACDC, we shared a high five and then a J on the walk back after you let me use your lighter. Your name was Dani and I really enjoyed our con."

LSD, meet true love: "My friends and I gave you an awkward hug after alt-j. We were on acid and your hair was short and pretty colored."

One entrepreneur was looking for a different kind of connection: ""Winklevoss twins, I saw you and your entourage during Nero. You were tall, built, and identical. I need investment for my startup. Hit me up."

Two star-crossed lovers bonded over the designer Vivienne Westwood: "i was at gorgon city, you asked if my hat was a real westwood. i knew then it was true love."

Did you have a near-miss at Coachella? Burner, which created the site, is willing to help -- provided you give them your phone number. Those looking for closure can send an anonymous text or picture or leave a voicemail at the number on the website. (Note: Because the messages are anonymous, the above missed-connections are unsubstantiated.)

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