Slint's David Pajo recovering after reported suicide attempt

David Pajo posts a photo of himself in the hospital giving a thumbs-up after reported suicide attempt

David Pajo, a well-respected guitarist who cofounded the band Slint, was recovering Friday after what is believed to have been a suicide attempt.

Various sources reported that Pajo left a note on his personal blog Thursday night that indicated an imminent suicide attempt. Paramedics arrived at his New Jersey home and took him to a nearby hospital.

On Friday, Pajo posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed giving a thumbs-up. On his official Facebook page, a moderator wrote, "There will be things said about our friend David in the press these coming days and he'll need our love and support. Feel free to comment here."

Representatives for Pajo did not immediately return messages seeking comment and further information.

Pajo first earned renown as a member of Slint, whose dark and experimental take on post-punk and 1990s indie rock influenced countless acts. He has had a long career as a solo artist and as both a session and touring musician.

He released many albums under the monikers Pajo and Papa M, among others, and had toured and recorded with acts including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tortoise and Stereolab. He most recently toured as the bassist for the rock band Interpol.

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