FYF just fixed the biggest problem with its new location

A new walkway between the Coliseum and main stage will cut walking time between FYF stages to 6 minutes.

If, at last year's inaugural FYF Fest at the Coliseum, you had to collapse in the grass and rub your aching calves to restore bloodflow after walking between stages, you have some relief this year.

The fest has published a new mini-map of its grounds that confirm they heard your cries. This year's festival will feature a new walkway between the Coliseum lawn and the main stage that will, in their words, be "cutting the walking time between these stages to 6 minutes."

Last year's festival layout forced fans to walk along the perimeter of the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, making the trek from the festival entrance to the main stage well over a mile. For a fest built around stage-hopping to see a variety of bands, this immediately became a problem, and the weekend had some echos of 2010's notorious logistical flub in Chinatown. It was one of several reasons why the fest sent out another apology email to fans last year. 

The other major logistical issue during the festival's first day last year -- the huge crowds to see dance-oriented acts in the Sports Arena that resulted in the venue being closed off -- seemed to be solved between nights of last year's festival after they opened up new seating.

Now if they can shorten the hours-long entry lines and bring in extra food and beer vendors to the main concourse, they might finally have a smooth-sailing festival on their hands. Such a great lineup this year deserves nothing less.

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