Album review: James Blunt's 'Moon Landing'

Can we blame James Blunt for establishing that super-earnest British folkies can rule the mainstream pop charts? His treacly, inescapable 2004 single "You're Beautiful" earned huge sales and abject loathing from critics. His latest, "Moon Landing," is his sort-of attempt to get back to flintier, personal songwriting.

He does manage to out-Mumford and out-Sheeran his countrymen on the rustic single "Bonfire Heart" (ironically, co-written with super-pop penman Ryan Tedder). Whether you want to hear James Blunt plowing that field is a conversation between you and your god.

"Heart to Heart" has some upbeat sock-hop fun. But James Blunt titling a song "Always Hate Me?" He might as well leave a 24-pack of toilet paper on his front lawn on Halloween with a sign reading "Have at It, Guys."


James Blunt

"Moon Landing"

Atlantic Records

1 star out of 4 


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