'Firefly's' Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk reunite for 'Con Man' Web series

'Firefly's' Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk reunite for 'Con Man' Web series
Alan Tudyk created and stars in the Web series "Con Man." (Indiegogo)

"Firefly" fans may never get their reunion series, but they may get the next best thing with stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk's upcoming Web series "Con Man."

The two actors went the crowdfunding route for the proposed comedy series, launching on Indiegogo on March 10, and have already become the highest-funded Web series to date, raising just over $1.6 million by Friday afternoon. Though the project has a long way to go before it surpasses the $5.7 milion raised by the "Veronica Mars" team on Kickstarter in 2013, it still has until April 10 to get there.

As it currently stands, the series will get 11 of the hoped-for 12 episodes of the series' first season. It shouldn't be long before the campaign reaches $1.75 million and can produce all 12 episodes. Fans will also get a "bonus" episode of "Spectrum," the science fiction series within the "Con Man" series.

The series stars Tudyk and Fillion as versions of themselves. Their characters co-starred in a short-lived but much-beloved science fiction series called "Spectrum." While Fillion's character went on to become a movie star, Tudyk's character continues to trade on his science fiction fame by going to conventions, comic book stores and other pop culture events.

In real life, both actors starred in Joss Whedon's "Firefly," which lasted just one season on Fox. Though there was a feature film made featuring the characters, fan adoration for the series has not flagged.

Fillion went on to be the star of ABC's long-running mystery show "Castle," while Tudyk continues to appear in guest roles in a variety of series.

The series looks at life through the eyes of Tudyk's character. Tudyk also serves as the show's creator.

The curious can view a teaser of the series at the project's Indiegogo page here.

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