Beauty trends for 2015: New products for hair, nails, skin

Beauty trends for 2015: New products for hair, nails, skin
New brand Cash & Co. has put hyaluronic acid in its Magnetic Moisture body lotion, scrub and wash. (Cash & Co.)

Nail varnishes that stay on for at least a week, intensive hand-held skin cleansing systems, dry sprays, organic everything and brands that originated in other countries: These are predicted to be the hottest beauty trends for 2015.

Beauty brands are focusing on what consumers want, including the ability to replicate near salon-level results at home. No time for that gel manicure? Here are a host of home-use products that can keep nails unchipped for up to two weeks. Those blow-dry bar appointments eating into your budget? A slew of dry sprays, the latest alternative to dry shampoo, can help space out salon vists. And all-natural products without sulphates and parabens will continue to be a force as shoppers demand cleaner ingredients.


"Clients want organics, they want prestige and they want them to be effective," said Maria Rush, vice president of business development at Beauty Collection boutiques in Los Angeles.

Many of the new products that will be on store shelves in 2015 were officially launched earlier this year at Cosmoprof, the annual Las Vegas beauty trade show that is among the largest in the world. There, products for nails dominated, including oils for cuticle enrichment, polishes that strengthen and harden the nails while serving as adornment and even lacquers containing the of-the-moment, multipurpose BB cream. Argan oil is being lavishly incorporated into skin, body and haircare, and growth formulas for lashes, brows and hair are another booming category.

Our picks for the most innovative beauty must-haves into the holiday season and 2015:


From Cricket comes brushes infused with argan oil and combs that contain coconut oil and keratin, smoothing, detangling and nourishing with every use. Even the brand's styling irons are coated with argan and keratin, and, in some cases, tourmaline crystal, for flawless straightening.

Anti-aging is going to be even more of a selling point for hair products, as brands infuse their lines with ingredients designed to make hair look and feel more youthful. New company Healthilocks has based its innovative hair-care line on the fact that healthy hair is made of protein and water and that the protein is gradually worn away by styling, drying, coloring and everyday exposure to the elements. The new shampoo and conditioners are packed with protein to bond to hair and, over time, regenerate locks.

Unwash, a new California-based brand, is even turning the whole idea of conventional washing-and-conditioning on its head. Based on its belief that shampoos strip hair of nutrients and moisture, it has just launched its Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, which is intended to replace shampoo, cleaning hair without product build-up and detangling at the same time. The accompanying Anti-Residue Rinse and Hydrating Masque are designed for less frequent use and a cleansing boost.

The clunky powdery residue usually associated with dry shampoos is a thing of the past: The latest version of the waterless way to wash hair now comes in superfine aerosol form and incorporates texturizing and scenting in one easy product, designed to extend the life of a hairstyle between blow-dry visits. Slated for early 2015 release is Mitch Stone Essentials hair cleansing and refreshing spray, which acts as a dry shampoo and removes grime while covering the hair in a light, fresh fragrance.


Some of the biggest buzz at Cosmoprof was at the booth of Caption, a new nail lacquer that replicates the results of a salon gel manicure. The product contains a patented ingredient called LacQ3 that gives nails a high-octane shine (it includes shellac and volcanic glass) and dries as quickly as if a UV or LED light were used. It also doesn't chip for about 10 days and glides off easily with a regular polish remover. Colors are edgy and youthful, with cheeky names like Ditch Him and Regret Is Overrated.

From the popular professional line China Glaze comes a new line, Ever Glaze, set to launch in early 2015. Giving the finished look of a salon gel manicure, Ever Glaze is a two-step at-home process: Choose from one of 48 colors and then brush on a top coat that hardens like gel and keeps the polish in place for at least a week. It will be at Sally's Beauty Supply stores in the new year.

The move toward oils in all things beauty has been transferred to nail care as well. The organic Dadi' Oil uses 21 pure and potent essential oils (which include bergamot, rosemary and lavender) to scent a rich mix of avocado, olive, jojoba and vitamin E oils for a blend that glides onto nails and prevents hang nails and provides overall nourishment to the nail area.

Mundial is a 117-year-old Brazilian company that has just launched a nail-care line in the U.S. called Impala. The holiday-themed offerings — glittery silver polishes with names like Disco Ball or the spicy red Piquenique — are supposed to last a minimum of a week without chipping and apply streak-free. The polishes come in conical bottles.



One of the biggest names in beauty in Sweden, Jabu'she, is making inroads into North America — part of a trend of well-known international brands setting their sights stateside. The award-winning prestige line contains something called QAL-100, which consists of tiny fat and water-soluble molecules to clear out dead skin cells and plump up the skin so lines and pores are minimized.

Hyaluronic acid has been around in skin care, but mostly in face creams. New brand Cash & Co. has taken potent hyaluronic acid and put it in its Magnetic Moisture body lotion, scrub and wash. The acid is supercharged with tourmaline crystals, and ingredients such as organic ivory palm seeds and the fragrance of South Pacific tiare flower ensure that the neck and body are given the same treatment as the face.

Now that clay masks and sprays are everywhere, Clayspray has combined both into the first clay emulsion in a spray, designed to deliver the product as cleanly as possible. The product, which has been repackaged and is slated for wider rollout in 2015, includes white clay, ginseng, aloe vera and cacao, which together work to exfoliate and energize. A dual chamber canister also holds natural spring water with green tea to use before or after.

From GiGi, for spring 2015, comes Slow Grow, a line that works to remove facial and body hair with natural ingredients that will lighten and minimize hair so regrowth is slowed. The line includes a body oil, serum and body scrub.