Behind the scenes: The Los Angeles Times test kitchen

Kirk D. McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Great recipes don't happen by accident. They're not even the result of a passing moment of brilliance. They take work. You might make something really delicious on the spur of the moment for dinner one night, but getting that dish to the point where a stranger can follow your instructions and have exactly the same result is another thing entirely.

That's where the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen comes in. We're lucky in that we're one of the few newspapers in the country that has one. And that's where the passing moments of brilliance of our writers, accomplished home cooks and famous chefs alike get polished to perfection.

Every recipe we run has been tested and re-tested in the Test Kitchen until we're confident you'll be happy with it when you try it in your kitchen. And almost every food photograph that you see in the Food section was shot there -- no tricks allowed, we eat the stuff when it's finished.

So join Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter on this behind-the-scenes tour and see how we do it.

--Russ Parsons

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