Catharine Hamm

Catharine Hamm is the Travel editor for the Los Angeles Times. Born in Syracuse, NY, to a peripatetic family, her stops included Washington, D.C.; Honolulu; and Manila. Hamm has twice received Lowell Thomas Awards, and the Travel section has been recognized seven times during her tenure as editor. Her favorite place? Always where she's going next.
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Escapes: You must remember this — getting there isn’t always half the fun, but being there is

The obstacles that stand between your and your destination can be more irritating than those dolts who drive 50 in the freeway fast lane. And yet, in the end, is that really important? Probably not. Here are some things that are.

We're on the move for the weekend: surfing Santas, hot air balloons and the Great L.A. Walk

And who would want to miss the the Aloha Oy Vey Ukulele Marching Band?