Vice presidential politics

What was John McCain thinking in choosing Sarah Palin? What mark has Dick Cheney left on the office of vice president? All week, historians Lee Edwards and Allan J. Lichtman debate the politics and history surrounding the commander-in-chief’s No. 2.

  • Ranking the veeps

    Ranking the veeps

    Allan J. Lichtman puts Cheney and Gore on his lists of vice presidential notables. Lee Edwards singles out Spiro Agnew for scorn but says most vice presidents have served admirably.

  • The 'assistant president'

    The 'assistant president'

    Lee Edwards says the vice president's duties have grown at the pace of the president's. Allan J. Lichtman says Cheney is a prime example of a vice president who went too far.

  • How will Cheney go down in history?

    How will Cheney go down in history?

    Allan J. Lichtman says the vice president's overreaching has led to ruinous administration policies. Lee Edwards says Cheney is exactly the right man to help lead the fight against terrorism.

  • What were McCain and Obama thinking?

    What were McCain and Obama thinking?

    Lee Edwards says Democrats played it safe by nominating Joe Biden. Allan J. Lichtman says Sarah Palin's selection exposes McCain's seriously flawed judgment.

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