Charter Schools Education Matters: California's Fast-Growing Segment
Why it's important to talk about successful black and Latino boys

While Chukwuagoziem Uzoegwu was growing up, his mother often would throw what he and his brothers called “educational tantrums.”

On those weekends or on random days in the long stretch of summer vacation, the Uzoegwu boys would be barred from TV “from sun up to sunset,” he said. 

“Leisure time was spent reading.

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L.A. Unified creates appeal process for parents who are kept off school campuses

Los Angeles parents who have been kept off their child’s school campus because of disruptive behavior now have a way to appeal principals’ decisions. 

Under current California law, principals can send what are called “disruptive person letters” to parents or other adults who pose a risk to students or staff. That letter requires that if the parent wants to come to school, he or she needs to call ahead

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Teachers at four L.A. campuses want no part of funding from pro-charter school group

Teachers at four Los Angeles campuses overwhelmingly voted this week to oppose a program that could provide extra resources because the money would come from a pro-charter school organization.

The school district said Friday that it has withdrawn grant applications for two of the schools.

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Group sues Huntington Park over moratorium on charter schools

A group representing charter schools has sued the city of Huntington Park over its decision to impose a yearlong moratorium on new charters.

The suit, which was filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeks to invalidate the restrictions that the Huntington Park City Council approved last month by a 4-1 vote.

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Don't call charters public schools

To the editor: Public schools belong to the taxpaying public. The campus across the street from me belongs to the residents of the community. (“L.A. Unified takes a harder look at its charter schools. Critics blame politics,” Oct. 24)

Although I no longer have children at the school, I am still welcome to participate in its programs.

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Huntington Park leaders vote to ban new charter schools for a year

Huntington Park City Council members voted Tuesday to ban new charter schools in the city until next fall.

The 4-1 vote extended a 45-day moratorium passed last month after city officials complained about the number of requests for new schools and said they were concerned about increased traffic.

Charter schools are publicly funded but often are privately run.

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