Charter Schools Education Matters: California's Fast-Growing Segment
Former basketball coach Joseph Kikuchi is convicted of sexual abuse of teenage player

Joseph Kikuchi, a former high school basketball coach in Alhambra, was convicted Wednesday of sexually abusing a female player.

Kikuchi, 57, pleaded no contest to 23 counts of sexual abuse of a minor. He did not reach a settlement agreement with prosecutors, but the open plea means he won’t go through the trial process.

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L.A. Unified board unable to settle on long-term school calendar plan

Los Angeles Unified students will start school in mid-August and get three weeks off during the winter — for now. 

The Board of Education signaled doubts in its thinking on the school calendar yet again Tuesday night, approving only one more year of the current schedule instead of three.

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Grading L.A. Unified Supt. Michelle King

L.A. Unified Supt. Michelle King has been in office for a year.

But figuring out how to assess her performance on the job is difficult.

The school board, in selecting King, did not specify particular measures by which it would evaluate her, and the plans she has made thus far have been broad.

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County board overrules LAUSD to keep the embattled Magnolia charter schools open

A little-known county board overruled its own staff and the powerful Los Angeles Unified School District this week to allow three embattled charter schools to remain open.

The reprieve represents a full turnabout for Magnolia Public Schools, which faced the shutdown of its campuses after L.A. Unified moved against them in October. 

The L.A.

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Why it's important to talk about successful black and Latino boys

While Chukwuagoziem Uzoegwu was growing up, his mother often would throw what he and his brothers called “educational tantrums.”

On those weekends or on random days in the long stretch of summer vacation, the Uzoegwu boys would be barred from TV “from sun up to sunset,” he said. 

“Leisure time was spent reading.

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L.A. Unified creates appeal process for parents who are kept off school campuses

Los Angeles parents who have been kept off their child’s school campus because of disruptive behavior now have a way to appeal principals’ decisions. 

Under current California law, principals can send what are called “disruptive person letters” to parents or other adults who pose a risk to students or staff. That letter requires that if the parent wants to come to school, he or she needs to call ahead

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